Time is running…that is no well kept secret. And while time is running you need places feeling happy.
I had the great chance to spent a lot of time in 2019 in London. Tony, a regular of my favourite pub, would nod on me as London is London and not England neither the United Kingdom, but that is a different story.

I was happy realising London is now a part my life and so I started to search for places to go. So I came over this little bar - Happiness Forgets


I remember it was a little struggle to actually find this place, no signposting or hints on street level. It is still fun sitting in the bistro above and watching people being lost to find this fabulous place as well.

Being adventurous I made the steep steps down to the basement, following this unique scent of this place burned in my memory now forever.

I entered a dark but warm, spotlighted place, got a seat at the bar with a lot of seats and ordered my first drink. Such a shame I cannot remember what is was. Must have been either a Tokio Collins or a Silk Screen. But what I remember is the staff on my first encounter.

At this night I fell in love with this place visiting it on a regular basis for a quarter of a year now. It is never getting boring. The kindness of all the staff is making it a home. Of course there are many other very good bars all over London but I will always return for this one.

For me it is really about being happy, the atmosphere and people of this place.

Thank you Ali to create this place years ago, to run it with the right spirit and a good hand for picking staff.
Thank you to Margaux, Bene, Jasmine, Jack, Jesus, Eddie, James for good conversations and even better drinks.

One more thing. The support of women behind the bar in this place. Important in these times.
By the way listed no. 40 of the top 50 bars of the world in 2019.

Go there when U are in high quality drinks, looking for creativity or just a good old classic. They will do it all.